Attorneys at Orr | Cook are especially well-situated to handle significant and high-stakes appeals across Florida’s state and federal courts, having the ability to appear in all Florida appellate courts, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States.  Our strong, high-profile, and successful presence has allowed us to handle cases or present arguments before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Florida Supreme Court, and four of Florida’s five District Courts of Appeal.  Our experience with these appeals and argument is that success is derived from detailed preparation and a candid review of the strengths for each argument advanced.

Appellate work is distinct from trial work and the way the case is approached changes greatly.  Arguments must be presented in a concise manner.  Well-written arguments and strong oral advocacy are critical.  When a panel of highly trained judges are evaluating arguments and posing questions that require split-second decisions, preparation and experience are essential if a lawyer is to effectively respond.

We provide strategies to tackle issues that arise at all stages of the case.  In that regard, we can work collegially with trial counsel in complex cases to position the case and preserve appellate arguments at key stages in litigation and throughout trial.

The Firm can supply videos of our arguments to appellate courts along with corresponding results upon request.  We strongly suggest that clients evaluate the results of any firm before retaining them to handle an appeal.